The slow cycling state of mind

I rebelled around 10 years ago. Cycling was then a thing for the weekend. Friends would call up and I would load my mountain bike on the roof rack of my car and head to some mountain biking 'meca' destination usually at least one hour driving away. 'Door to bike saddle' time would be no less then 1 hour and included driving, parking, getting bicycle off rack, etc.
At one point I just had enough. I felt that all this time consuming  preparation put a barrier between me and what cycling is for me - freedom. Getting into a car to bike more than an hour's drive way just doesn't make sense to me anymore.
One 'aha' moment came when I counted the number of cars with bike roof racks on my street. It definitely outnumbred the number of cyclists getting to and from work from my neighbourhood street on that day.
I became tired of the endless bike marketing hype... "Superlight and stiff" (like I will be climbing Alpe d'Huez on a daily basis), "aero tube profiles" to reduced drag (or time trialing my way to the TDF victory), "aggressive geometry" (why aggressive?), "hidden cables" (I have no problem showing of my cables to the world), "deep section wheels" (I consider myself shallow), "one-piece" bar and stem combination to improve cockpit stiffness" (wtf? ); "electronic groupsets" (why do i need a battery to change gears?) - all enveloped and served hot to justify >5000$ bike price tags! 
The "growth for the sake of growth" mindset common in bike business these days is no longer sustainable. 
I realized that I enjoy hopping on my 20 year old steel rigid mountain turned into city commuter as much as riding an up-to-date full suspension bike. Here is a bike that is always available and ready to ride and feels like an extension of my body. It is as simple as walking and it makes it easier for cycling to become a daily habit. Want to go shopping? - the bike is always ready with a pannier. No need to dress up to the occasion. I can just hop on my bike and ride and that is what cycling is all about. Just riding along

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