The True Cost of Car Commuting

A study made in Copenhagen found that it’s six times more expensive, individually and for society, to drive a car than to ride a bicycle. This difference could even be higher in other cities as Copenhagen is ranked first or second most bike-friendly city in the world.

Also, in cities where more people walk and cycle,  the GDP per-capita levels are much higher than in cities dominated by motor traffic

I have to admit that I haven't really ever commuted to work by car on a daily basis. Thank god for that!

When I do use my car to get to work because it rains, it's too hot or too cold or when I just feel bad, I find myself cursing heavily .

I simply can't come to terms with the idea of having a 1.5 ton machine carry my meager 80 kg body over a distance of less than 5 km at a turtle’s pace of less then 10 km/h.
Cycling the same route even on rainy and hot humid summer days just makes me feel free. There is nothing between me and the open air and I just feel connected to the world and to people. 
And then comes the gas cost, car repairs and finding a parking place which can be very expensive in a crowded city. 
Maintaining a quality bicycle is really cheap. A new chain, freewhell cassette, cables, brake pads and tires every year or two is completely affordable for most people and anyone with basic mechanical skills can do most repairs without the need for a bike mechanic. 
As I see it, the true cost of commuting by car is not measured only in $$$ but rather in peace of mind which is priceless. For me the bike wins almost every time. Cycling just keeps me sane!

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