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Cyclists love good quality bikes. That’s a simple fact.

Buying a good quality bike, be it a road, city or mountain bike is rather straightforward. Decide on a budget, do your research and get the bike you want.

Renting a good quality bike is a different story. Through the years I learned that many rental businesses fail to properly maintain their bike fleet and on more than one occasion I  rented a bike that was a disappointment.

Once I rented a hybrid bike for a ten day cycle tour of the Netherlands from a well known bike rental company in Amsterdam. One day into the tour and already 60k north of Amsterdam I noticed that the rear cassette was worn out, causing the chain to skip gears when shifting. Not only annoying, a glitch like this can actually ruin a bike tour.

So when I returned to Amsterdam this spring I did a little bit more research to try and find a better quality rental bike. Since I was planning to cycle relatively long distances in the Dutch countryside, I looked for a place that rents out touring/trekking bikes.

YourCityBike is bike rental business that's a 20 minute walk from Amsterdam's central train station. It opened in 2017 and defines itself as  a young, hip and energetic company. Their website looked really inviting so I decided to give them a try. Their rental fleet currently includes a 3 speed typical Dutch city bike and three Victoria trekking bikes: the 8.6D which has 30 speeds, the 3.8D and 5.8D which both have 8 hub gears (the 5.8D has  a carbon belt).

I chose the 8.6D and ordered it online through YourCityBike website. The bike was waiting for me upon my arrival. The guy at the shop double checked that I recieve the right size and provided me with a tool set, a mini pump and a spare tube.

I spent a week riding the bike, often cycling more than 50 km every day in Amterdam and in the Dutch countryside.

To my delight, the bike was in an exceptionally good working order. The gears were tuned and the hydraulic disk brakes performed flawlessly. A much better experience than in the past.

The only thing I would change is the bike seat. When putting in long hours in the saddle everyday, a good ergonomic (‘genital friendly’) seat is a must.  I strongly recommend YourCityBike to change its seats to provide a no less than perfect experience.

For more info:

Kerkstraat 27-H GB Amsterdam
Open: 09:00 - 21:00h

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